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Working With A Modelling Agency

Fashion modelling is one of the toughest industries to break into. It takes more than talent to function in the modelling world; you need a reliable agency. Besides setting you up with clients and negotiating contractual terms, an agent also scouts emerging opportunities within the industry.

Finding the Right Agency

When looking for an agent you can work with, you first need to determine the kind of modelling you want to venture into. This will lead you to suitable agencies in your area. Relocating to a different city or state could also help in establishing your career. During your research, try to broaden your scope and consider online agencies as well.

As you try to find the right agency, it helps to have a portfolio ready. This will come in handy during interviews with the various agents you’re considering. Whenever possible, try and hold initial consultations in person. This would give you a better glimpse of who the agents are, besides allowing you assess their legitimacy.

Credible agents will usually not ask for any sign-on or casting fees. Instead, they will deduct a small portion of the contract fee when you land your first assignment. This is how legitimate agents make their money; keeping you busy and visible works in their interests and yours as well.

When you sign a contract with a modelling agency, they could start offering tips on how to improve your looks. Don’t take any offense from this; there’s always room for improvement in the modelling world. Also, these people have an extensive knowledge of the market. They’re therefore well aware of what works and what doesn’t.

Working with A Modelling Agency

To start off, you need a set of comp cards, which are basically a model’s version of a regular business card. The agency will guide you on how to interact with other players in the industry, such as photographers and prospective clients. They could also offer training to plug any gaps in your skill set. Basically, they’ll prepare you well so that you’re able to start working as soon as possible.

It would really help to form a solid working relationship with your agent. This would require a reliable means through which either of you can communicate to the other party. When both of you stay in the loop, you can expect more bookings and a successful career.

While your agent looks after your interests, remember that you’re also representing them every time you go out on an assignment. It’s thus important to carry yourself in a professional manner. For starters, try to always be polite and on time.

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