Why Use Turnkey PCB Assembly Services?

Why Use Turnkey PCB Assembly Services?

There are times when you want someone else to take complete responsibility of a part of your project. It lets you focus on your main project management job. You do not have to worry about the nitty-gritty of managing everything yourself. Turnkey PCB assembly services help you avoid getting involved in the micromanagement of your PCB assembly job. You do not have to supply the components for mounting on the PCBs. You can arrange the components or leave even this job to the PCB assembly company. Just place the order online and get ready to use PCBs.

Advanced Manufacturing

Your printed circuit boards will be made in an advanced manufacturing facility. The boards will be tested several times using different technologies to ensure there is no fault in any board. The whole process from arranging the components to the final shipment of the boards to you will be handled efficiently by the manufacturing company. It will manufacture the PCBs, assemble it with the components, test the boards and ship the PCBs to you. You will receive a single bill for all these services. A turnkey service lets you avoid risks and keep your overhead low.

Focus on Your Main Job of Product Development

Product development is a complex process. It involves extensive market research to determine if there is a demand for such a product. You have to find out if there will be demand for the product you will manufacture. A product undergoes several iterations during the initial development phase. You may have to order prototype PCBs over several rounds because the first prototype may show some design flaw or it may be incompatible with a part of the product. Different types of professional services are needed to develop a product. If you also add PCB assembly management to this set of jobs, then it can become a very complex process. Leave PCB assembly job to the PCB manufacturing company and focus on your core task of developing the product.

Prototype, Low Volume or High Volume Production Runs

Turnkey PCB assembly services are available for all types of PCB production requirements. You can order small number of prototypes to test your ideas and the product. Once you are satisfied with the prototype design, you can order low volume or high volume production runs. PCB boards with components will be assembled in a high-tech manufacturing center. Most of the jobs are handled by the automatic and robotic machines. All boards are put through visual checks, x-ray test and other tests. It ensures you receive the PCBs that meet the highest industry and electronic standards.

Submit the PCB Gerber file online at the manufacturing company’s website to receive the quote. You will receive the quote within a few hours of submitting your query.

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