Why Use Large Plastic Free Drink Bottles?
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Why Use Large Plastic Free Drink Bottles?

Plastic bottles have become the norm over the past few decades because of their low cost and great convenience. Anyone who wants to carry water around can buy one at a reasonable price. They can last for a long while and are light enough to bring anywhere. However, there is a dark side of these seemingly amazing products. Their harmful tendencies make them questionable purchases in this era when people are becoming increasingly conscious of their power and responsibility as consumers. Below are just a few of the things that are making buyers gravitate to large plastic free drink bottles today:

Reduction of Environmental Damage

Plastics are so cheap that they have become easily disposable items. After all, we can always get more at such a low price. This has resulted in tons of garbage being thrown into landfills and oceans every year. Since these are not easily biodegradable, they float around the waters for decades and sometimes get ingested by marine animals. There have been many cases of whales, turtles, and other creatures that have died because of the indigestible plastics in their stomachs. Plastics that do break down release toxic chemicals that are absorbed by smaller animals and make their way back to humans through the food chain.

Minimization of Plastic Exposure

The harmful effects of plastics are not limited to the abstract notion of environmental disasters. The chemicals that make up these containers can gradually mix with the liquids inside them. When we drink, these substances get inside our bodies where they can cause potentially massive harm. BPA and phthalates are known to disrupt the hormones and trigger imbalances. Some studies have also linked them to infertility, obesity, cancers, miscarriage, and certain neurological disorders. Surely, these should be enough to make people think twice about how they consume their drinks. There is no reason to hold on to these plastics when there are other materials that can do the job as well.

Advantages of Alternative Materials

Plastic-free drinking bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to fit in a handbag and others are big enough to provide all-day hydration during long hikes. Many of them are made of metal such as stainless steel, a material known for being highly sanitary and corrosion-resistant. There are products that feature vacuum sealing and excellent insulation for temperature control. Others double as pots that can be exposed to heat while staying intact. Buyers can also choose glass bottles that are easy to clean and convenient for liquid level monitoring. There are so many options for a plastic-free life.

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