Why Kids Seed Growing Kits Make Such Good Gifts

Why Kids Seed Growing Kits Make Such Good Gifts

Children are naturally curious. And nothing stokes their curiosity quite like nature does. This is not surprising because the wonders of nature are plentiful, and there is always something new around the corner. The joy of watching something grow is incomparable. And this is why kids seed growing kits make the very best gifts.

The Fun and Convenience of the Kit

The kids seed growing kits come in many sizes and types. Usually a kit will contain a few pots, mix pellets, seeds and popsicle sticks to be used as plant tags. The instructions offered on the kit are concise and easy to follow. If your child is unable to read the instructions as yet, you could read them out to the child, and then discuss how the child could proceed. Do follow the instruction with regard to watering and the sunshine the plant will require.
Most people do not have a yard or garden in which kids can get a feel of gardening. And this is why seed growing kits are wonderful. Children can grow plants in the pots that come with the kit, and watch nature do what she does best, grow. Even if you have a garden or yard, a seed growing kit will give your child the confidence to grow plants. And soon they may want to graduate to growing them in flower beds.

So Many Lessons and So Much Fun

Learning by doing is one of the finest ways to expand the mind. When a child learns to grow a seed, there are many lessons waiting for them. Some of these lessons are obvious, and some are more subtle, but each of these is invaluable. Of course, kids learn about how seeds grow into plants. They will watch in awe as the seed opens and the shoot arises. As the first leaf comes, they will learn the value of patience, and that everything in life requires time and care.

Experiential learning is the best form of education. The things kids learn while growing seeds from the kits will never be forgotten. They will learn the value of following instructions. And if they do not give the plant the care it needs, they will also learn that negligence has repercussions. In this case over or under watering could affect plant growth.
Depending on the kind of children’s seed growing kit you choose, the child could be growing flowers, or they could also be nurturing some carrots or cherry tomatoes they could enjoy with the family. It may be a good idea to involve the child in the process of selecting and buying the kit.

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