What You Should Know About Boat Hats

What You Should Know About Boat Hats

The parts of the body to which you will have to pay more attention are shoulders, breasts, abdomen, hips and thighs. Focus on the proportions, boat hats and ask yourself in which points you tend to gain weight: this will help you to understand if you belong to the hourglass, apple, triangle, rectangle or inverted triangle category.

The apple shape, on the other hand, has an important abdomen which tends to thicken homogeneously with each small increase in weight. In this case the waistline is always poorly defined while the shoulders are proportioned to the hips and the legs rather slender.

If you have a rectangle shape you will be part of that category of very lucky women who tend not to get fat. This body shape is characterized by the presence of well-proportioned shoulders, waist and hips and the near absence of belly or love handles. Also, in this case legs and thighs are slender and usually well tapered.

The triangle or pear shape instead represents a bit ‘the body of Mediterranean women. The shoulders are rather narrow, the breasts are not abundant, the hips are large and disproportionate to the upper part of the body are the distinctive features of women who possess this physicality. If your body has this shape you will surely have noticed that you tend to get fat just in the lower part of the thorax, on the thighs and in particular on the hips while the waist still remains well marked and tight.

Finally, the last form is that of the inverted triangle. This shape is the opposite of the triangle and you will recognize yourself in this definition if you look carefully you will notice that shoulders, breast and thorax are proportionally larger than the waist and hips.

If you are an inverted triangle woman, you will have already realized that when you get fat you tend to thicken your arms and chest while your legs are still quite slim. Once you have identified the form that best suits your physical characteristics, try to understand what are your strengths and highlight them. This second step may seem obvious and useless but in reality it is essential if you want to find the look that suits you best, opt for boat hats

To avoid unpleasant style problems, remember that every shape of the body has strengths. Certain garments and boat hats tend to highlight some of your physical peculiarities enhancing them to the best and making the figure pleasantly harmonious while others are absolutely to be avoided because they could make you look awkward.

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