What To Expect On A Boracay Scuba Diving Trip
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What To Expect On A Boracay Scuba Diving Trip

Boracay is a world-renowned holiday destination and it’s easy to see why. Not only does this tiny island in the Philippines have stunning white sand beaches, top-notch accommodation and great dining and nightlife venues, but it is also a prime Boracay scuba diving. There are over 30 dive sites around Boracay just a short boat ride away and something to please every type of diver. If you’re planning on exploring some incredible underwater worlds during your next holiday to Boracay, these are some things to expect on a Boracay scuba diving trip.

Professional and Experienced Dive Guides

Boracay is home to numerous dive instructors and guides who are PADI certified and have years of experience diving in a wide variety of conditions. Depending on your skill level, your instructor will either walk you through the basics of scuba diving and help you become PADI certified yourself or take you to incredible spots that are suitable for advanced divers. These guides know the waters around Boracay like the back of their hands, so they can take you to the best sites where the visibility is superb and the sights are spectacular. Nearly every guide on Boracay speaks English and many can also speak other languages including Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Multitudes of Marine Life

Scuba divers love Boracay because of the huge variety of marine life that live in the warm waters. The colourful coral reefs just off the coasts are home to fascinating fish species like parrotfish, lionfish and scorpionfish as well as pelagic fish like tuna, trevallies and barracuda. Other marine life include whitetip and blacktip sharks, moray eels, stingrays and turtles. Macro photographers will love capturing images of the tiny sea life here such as mantis shrimp, pygmy seahorses and anemones, as well as the vibrant sea feathers and fans. You can also book a night dive to see underwater creatures that only come out after dark.

Dive Sites For All Skill Levels

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned scuba diver, there is a dive site around Boracay for you. Beginners will find plenty of sites close by with calm, shallow waters that are easy to navigate with interesting reef walls. There are plenty of courses for newbie divers including basic classes that teach the fundamentals of diving at easy-going sites, open water certification and fun dives for those who already have PADI certification. Advanced divers can visit sites like Yamal where the waters are deeper and the currents stronger. Wreck divers won’t want to miss the Camia and Tri-Bird sites.

When you combine year-round warm waters and great visibility with exceptional dive guides, thriving marine life and a vast variety of dive sites, it should come as no surprise that Boracay is a world-renowned diving destination. Moreover, it’s easy to rent scuba diving equipment on the island, book classes and join dive journeys that go above and beyond your typical tropical diving experience. Even better, Boracay has plenty of accommodation, dining and drinking options for divers on any budget.

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