What To Expect From Most Dive Instructor Courses
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What To Expect From Most Dive Instructor Courses

There are things that make scuba diving special. Whether you are wandering weightlessly deep in the waters or having a nice time with the curious and colorful marine life, diving is sure to enrich your life. Unfortunately, it is something that we need to learn since no one is born able to do it. If you are planning to enroll in a dive course soon, here is what to expect from most dive instructor courses:

Preparation course

The majority of scuba diving courses contain three parts which are again sub-divided into smaller sections or themes. At the start, the courses cover a preparation course that takes 1-2 days, which is then followed by the Instructor Development course (takes about 3-7 days). After all this, you finish it all by completing the official PADI exams.

The Instructor Development Course

Again, this is divided into three parts. The first one is the theory section which also involves skills while you practice SCUBA diving, the second one is swimming as well as snorkeling in a confined water source, for instance, a swimming pool, while the third part is where you swim and snorkel in open water ( ocean to deep-sea).

How long do most courses take?

If the course is offered in one batch without some days off, you will be done in roughly two weeks. It is common to be scheduled days-off or even some other SCUBA diving courses that you can take in between, for instance, EFRI and Enriched Air Nitrox.

The exam

The official examination that you will sit for is called Instructor Examination, abbreviated as IE, but it’s not officially a part of the IDC (Instructor Development Course). These exams can be at a different location, sometimes even in a different country. You could also find yourself doing exams with students from other IDCs. The person who determines whether or not you meet the requirements of being a Scuba diving instructor is a PADI examiner and not your course director. PADI IDCs are often held close to the scheduled exams.


If you want to be a scuba diving instructor, you will have to register and take some dive instructor courses. These are what prepare you to teach others about scuba diving. The courses will culminate in an examination that is administered by PADI. Although the courses are offered by different institutions, they are largely the same.

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