What Kind Of Jobs Are Available For Liberal Arts Graduates?

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available For Liberal Arts Graduates?

A bachelor’s degree generally takes three to five years to complete, but students typically worry about what type of employment is available for a particular type of degree. For example, take jobs for liberal arts graduates. Liberal Arts is a broad program of study that generally focuses on the arts and humanities, such as history, cultural and social anthropology, and philosophy. Employment opportunities range from foreign language translators to art curators, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Pursuing A Liberal Arts Degree

A liberal arts degree offers a lot of flexibility but students typically pick a concentration in social sciences, art history, East Asian history, literature, linguistics or foreign languages. Philosophy or cultural and social anthropology are also options. Not all concentrations are related to art; however, it is the most popular path. With such flexibility, students seeking a degree in liberal arts can develop a comprehensive knowledge of topics of particular interest to them.

The Most Popular Field

Many students with a creative side take an interest in art history. Institutions train highly qualified art historians with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that allow them to participate as researchers and art critics, capable of appreciating and spreading various cultural heritage.

A profile of a liberal arts graduate with a concentration in art history is a person capable of investigating, analyzing and comparing the diverse fields and understanding it as a universal value highlighting and projecting the artistic work of various cultures. This training enables students to identify elements of aesthetic judgment and collaborate in a way to rescue and preserve cultural heritage.

If You Choose An Art History Concentration

Students often wonder whether they are choosing the right career path. You pay thousands for a degree so of course you want to be sure you are ready to take on this career path. Here are some of the criteria for a liberal arts graduate looking to specialize in art history;

  1. Appreciate the details and subtleties: when you study Art History, you are actually studying images or sounds. Attention to detail is crucial. You must appreciate those details and subtleties that normally go unnoticed by most people and put them at the service of others: to make the invisible visible.
  2. Being a good reader/writer: Having a good grasp of the language is fundamental to study Art History. You’ll need to read and write quite a bit, and communication is often one of the foremost duties of everyone involved in art.
  3. Have a good memory: thousands of paintings, sculptures, films, songs, books, etc. This is what awaits you if you decide to study Art History. Memorizing and explaining different eras and works of arts exemplify the duties of most art historians.

There are several concentrations for jobs for liberal arts graduates. Although art history is a popular path, it’s not the only one students can choose. Read through the options each university offers and see which one fits your needs.

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