Wedding Photography: Top 5 Tips For Perfecting Family Portraits

Wedding Photography: Top 5 Tips For Perfecting Family Portraits

Family wedding photos can be the toughest job for any photographer. It even becomes harder if you’re trying to take portrait photos. Remember, you are dealing with many people of varying age groups, and you need skill/ ingenuity if you are to take killer pictures. The following tips will help you get through things like family dynamics (or drama) and short-timelines, giving you a smooth time during your next wedding photography Seattle sessions.

  • Consult

Talk to your clients before the wedding to find out as much as you can about the family. This way, you will be ready to deal with the dynamics. Create an info sheet and record important facts like divorced parents. You can also use the consultation process to ask for enough time for the family portraits photo session.

  • Educate the Clients before Hand

The consultation period is also the best time for this tip. Talk to the bride and groom before the wedding and let them know vital points about your trade. Discuss with them the importance of timing and flow in the family portrait session. It makes it easy for you to assemble everybody and take perfect pictures when the big day comes because you will have set your expectations.

  • Get Help

During the wedding, make sure you request a few bride-maids or family members to help with the photo sessions. These are the people who will quickly assemble everyone involved in the kith and kin session. They will also cater to any distressed person during the session. Having helpers is one way to guarantee a smooth picture time.

  • Shoot Multiple Frames

Take 2-3 photos of every family group set up. You can even use your camera’s ‘burst mode’ to quickly take a couple of frames rather than clicking frame by frame. Whichever way you choose, just make sure that you don’t take single photos to increase your chances of getting picture perfect frames.

  • Create a Connection

The best wedding family portraits are those where the members show some kind of connection. You can achieve this by asking those in the frame to hold arms or hands (for spouses) with the person next to them. If there are children under the age of 3, ask their parents or siblings to hold them so that they don’t seem too small when standing.

There you have it guys. Any Seattle wedding photographer may face difficulties during family a session, which is usually down to lack of prior planning. Use the tips above to have an easy time and achieve a memorable family portrait.

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