Tops Reasons To Buy A Jute Lotus Rug For Your Home

The décor elements that you choose for a room define it in significant ways. They add character to it and reflect your sense of design. A jute lotus rug is just what you in need in your room. It can be placed in the living room, the study or even in the bedroom. The rug is woven with jute, a natural fiber that is golden in color. Jute is native to the Asian countries of India and Bangladesh. The shiny, soft natural fiber is processed by hand and then spun into strong, coarse threads.

Craftsmanship Par Excellence for Your Home

The jute fiber is transformed in the hands of the weaver and artisan. While the same fiber is used to make ropes and gunny sacks, it is also crafted into beautiful items of interior décor. The jute lotus rug is one such example. The rug is formed by stitching together several parts that have been woven tightly. The small, neat stitches are barely visible, thus giving the rug a wonderful look.

The rug resembles a lotus in full bloom and is as magnificent as the flower that it depicts. There are tiny gaps within the rug and these add a wonderful color contrast against the floor. You may like to place the decorative jute lotus rug under a coffee table or perhaps the dining table. As the rug is available in several sizes you will be pleased to find one that is just right for you.

Tough and Strong

Jute is intrinsically strong and resistant. This makes it perfect for any home. You can place it in the living room, study, or in any other room that may receive heavy foot traffic. Do take the time to read through the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to its care and maintenance.

Shopping for a Rug

When you are shopping for a rug you have to keep several issues in mind. These include the color scheme in the room and the style of décor. The jute rug of your choice will complement all the other décor elements in your room.

You can shop for a rug online and enjoy perusing through a wide collection. There are many retailers who offer jute rugs. You would enjoy doing a quick online market survey to identify the rugs that you like. When you have finally decided the rug that you want, do check the prices offered by competitors. When you bring home a jute rug, you bring in a piece of art that has been woven together by an artisan thousands of miles away.

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