Top Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Android TV Box

Top Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Android TV Box

The invention of Android boxes has generally made it easy for anyone with a smart TV to enjoy the Android TV experience. In this case, you don’t have to buy an Android TV to enjoy media streaming, gaming, video chatting, MS Office document editing, taking screenshots or internet browsing. All you need is the best Android TV box and you can use it with your existing smart TV. To get the most from your TV box, here are the top tricks you should be aware of, including:

1. Get More App Download on Aptoide TV Store

Chances are that you are using Google Play or Amazon App for downloading your apps. The problem is that they may limit your downloads and installations. With Aptoide TV, however, there are no limits, so it’s a great addition to your current apps store.

2. Save Up on Memory by Closing Background Apps

Background apps can really drain your storage memory when kept running. You need to learn to close them so as to free some space. You should do this even before you power the device down. You can do it using the remote controller or keyboard.

3. Boost Memory with External Storage

A majority of affordable smart television boxes come with limited storage. However, this should not discourage you as you can boost the memory with an external device. Just buy a spacious flash drive to attach to your Android TV box.

4. Cool the TV Box with a USB Fan

When playing video games consistently, the Android box is bound to overheat. This is not a good sign as it indicates that the box is being overwhelmed. Fortunately, you can cool it fast using a USB fan and continue gaming. A good example is the ELUTENG 1500RPM USB fan.

5. Convert it to a Computer with a Mini-Keyboard Remote Control

If you don’t want to spend money on a new computer set, just buy a mini-keyboard remote control and attach it to your Android television box. It’s easier to control and faster in operation.


With the best Android TV box, you are guaranteed excellent entertainment. They are nothing more than small computers and can do a lot of things that standard computers can do. But still, the experience depends on how you use the box. You can start with the above tricks as you expect better value from your subscription.

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