Top Trends In Restaurant Design Sydney You Should Know In 2019

Top Trends In Restaurant Design Sydney You Should Know In 2019

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and hotels and restaurants have to keep up with the demands of the consumer. As you consider a new restaurant design in Sydney, keep in mind the current trends in consumer needs.

What makes a restaurant stand out from its competition? A unique menu and excellent ambiance definitely counts. As the hotel industry grows, more restaurants continue to rely on technology to improve customer experience.

Improvements in Bookings

Previously, travelers had to search online for details of a hotel-location, rates, ambiance, and all. Restaurants in Sydney are now including voice search to help travelers find their location. Instead of typing a long-tail keyword like ‘where is the nearest restaurant in Sydney?’, you can speak this command and your phone’s voice assistance will do the rest.

Once a new guest finds your restaurant location, they can have an instant feel of what your premise has to offer. How? Using augmented reality and virtual reality, it is possible to take a customer through your main dining area. They can see how your décor looks like, how guests interact in the environment and even sample your menu.

When the customer loves the experience, they can proceed to book a table for themselves. Direct bookings via mobile phone is another trend in restaurant Design Sydney. Through a convenient mobile app, customers can directly reserve a table at your restaurant. This can reduce the cost of booking by a significant margin.

Home Away From Home

Are you expanding your hotel to include accommodation services? A new trend in restaurant design is to make the consumer feel at home away from home. This means availing amenities like a coffee machine, locally brewed beer, an indoor library, or a box of cookies. The consumer should feel like they are walking right into their living room when they check in.


Consumers now want souvenirs they can instantly share with the world. This means availing picture-perfect moments that are sharable on social media. It could be a terrace restaurant with a beautiful view of the ocean. You could also add interesting monuments and artifacts that add visual interest and inspire consumers to take photos.


As you plan to improve your restaurant business, ensure you are in line with the current consumer needs. The above trends in restaurant design Sydney puts more focus on what your customer wants. This, in turn, helps you improve your return on investment by a huge margin. So, if you have been postponing your restaurant renovation project because you weren’t sure of the best design to use, now you don’t have an excuse.

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