Top Reasons Why Your Brand Should Start Building Signage

Top Reasons Why Your Brand Should Start Building Signage

As opposed to the past few years when brands didn’t need to use signage for their advertising efforts, today, business signage has become the most cost-effective and efficient way of advertising for any brand striving to get more exposure and to attract more clients.

A study that was currently conducted by researchers from the University of Cincinnati’s Economic Center found that up to 76% of clients purchased at a store simply due to its signs. This point out that signage is worth investing in by every brand irrespective of its size.

Still not convinced? Well, below are some top reasons why your brand should start spending more on building signage.

To increase your brand’s exposure

Great signage can make your brand stand out from other brands in your field. In return, this will increase your brand’s exposure, thus increasing your chances of acquiring new clients and repeat clients as well.

To differentiate your brand

Unique custom signage will help differentiate your brand from your competition. This is vital for creating a unique brand, especially for the sake of potential clients. But to have signage that can truly set you apart from the rest of your competitors, you must hire a firm with a reputation for building unique and beautiful signage for brands. Partnering with a professional design shop will help design a signage that’s most suited for your business.


Though the number of marketing and advertising strategies that a brand can embrace is endless, most of these strategies are quite costly. Some of them can consume a huge chunk of your marketing budget, and yet they have little impact on your marketing efforts. But signage is ultimately quite cost-effective. Although you will initially need to spend a considerable sum of money to build great signage, you won’t incur any additional costs once you have your signage ready. That makes signage quite a cost-effective marketing and advertising strategy for small brands, or brands that don’t have huge budgets to spend on their marketing efforts.

Offers all-year-round advertising

Signs can work effectively all-year-round. They are visible 24/7, meaning they offer a timeless way of advertising your brand. As such, signs are a worthwhile investment that is bound to work for your brand with less effort required on your part. Once you set them up, you don’t need to incur more costs such as monthly subscription charges.

Parting Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many convincing reasons as to why you need to invest in building signage. Invest in quality and effective signage and you will soon discover why signage is crucial for your brand.

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