Tips On Saving Money On Makeup

Tips On Saving Money On Makeup

Recently a study by a skin store declared that the average American woman will spend an astronomical 300,000 on makeup during their lifetime. The number seems staggering, but not when you combine it with statistics that a woman uses as many as sixteen products in the morning when she is getting ready for the day. These could include toner, serum, moisturizer, primer, concealer, bronzer, blusher, the list carries on. Saving money on makeup is far easier than one would think.

Be Makeup Smart

Most women throw away makeup before it is finished, either because they have moved on to another brand or it has expired. A good way to bring down your makeup expense is to make a list of brands and products that you love and cannot do without. Make another list of those that you can exclude. Instead of buying a full-sized product, test it in the store. Most beauty stores offer freebies, do not hesitate to request for them. Buy a product only when you are convinced that you truly want it.
Usually buying a large-sized bottle is economical. However, this is not always true. Take the time to calculate your savings before you commit. You can buy a large bottle of body wash or shampoo and pour it into a smaller bottle that is easy to place on your bathroom counter.

Whenever you are buying makeup do not just go by the commercial or the attractive packaging, read the product details. Be sure that you want to include the product in your daily care regime. Finally, consider buying makeup that serves more than one purpose. There are makeup brands that offer products that can be used as blush, bronzer, lip color, and more.

Investing in such a product can bring down the number of products you need. Again, do not forget to test the product before making a purchase. Invest in quality makeup brushes so you can Saving money on makeup.

More for Less

If there are a few products that you must have and they are rather expensive, look out for brand discounts during the holiday season. Shopping online allows you to check on deals offered on multiple stores on the same product. Registering on your favorite stores will keep you well informed.

Do not shop when you are feeling low. Though retail therapy seems like an effective solution to chase away the blues, it will hurt your budget in the long run. Buy only what you need and not just because products are on a promotional discount.

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