Tips For Styling Your Cosplay Wig
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Tips For Styling Your Cosplay Wig

Today it’s easy to create a fun cosplay character thanks to the wide selection of wig cosplay that are available to choose from. While there are so many options available it’s still important to make sure that you change the wig up some so it isn’t boring. Styling the wig won’t damage or destroy its lifespan as long as you’re careful.

De-Tangle and Refresh Your Wig

When you use your wig a lot it’ll start to look tangled and old – something that’ll affect your cosplay look. To get your wig cosplay back to its original look and quality you need to use your fingers to detangle it and remove any knots. Simply use your fingers to gently brush through it from the bottom moving upwards towards its roots. Once you’re done detangling it you’ll want to wash and condition it. Once it’s dry you should use low heat to straighten it out again.

Styling Your Wig

There are many different styles in which you may want to wear your hair when you’re dressing up for cosplay. Each of these styles will require you to fix your wig cosplay in different ways.

One of the styles that looks great on a wig is two French braids running down the sides of your head or even just a single French brain that’s pulled to the side. This will give you a young, girly look. You can even add some flowers or sparkles to it if you want a more natural or girly look.

Another great option is to wear your wig in pigtails. This will also make you look young and feminine. They’re also great for cartoon characters or if you want to look like a real-life doll. For an added twist create some curls or bangs. You can even add bows or cat ears.

Speaking of using bows they can also be used to create a quick cute look that gives off a cute anime girl vibe. Simply wear a headband with a bow on the top of your head. Add some side fringe or bangs or a few loose curls to mix things up a bit. You could change things even more by adding cat ears instead of the bow.

The Bottom Line

Taking the time to properly style your wig cosplay won’t damage its lifespan or quality. You just need to make sure to follow some of the aforementioned tips when doing so.

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