The Role Of Industrial Heating Systems In Manufacturing
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The Role Of Industrial Heating Systems In Manufacturing

Successful product manufacturing relies heavily on industrial heating technologies and systems to shape and produce a high-quality end product. Importantly, there are various kinds of heating systems for manufacturers to choose from. Still, any industrial heating system that is installed for manufacturing must be built around the principles of safety, efficiency, and reliability. Let’s take a closer look at industrial systems below and how they function in the manufacturing industry.

The Basics of Industrial Heating Systems

An industrial heating system is built and operated on a circuit combining the necessary technologies that effectively heat or melt as determined by the industrial production process of the product in question. This essentially guarantees the quality of the end product. Importantly, industrial grade heating systems are mainly designed using energy sources using the following 4 energy sources:

  • Thermal oil (heating fuels) based energy sources
  • Electricity based energy sources
  • Water and steam based sources
  • Hybrid processes

Of course, there is a wide range of technologies that are used to design the most efficient systems for each of the heating system energy sources listed above. These technologies can include:

  • Thermal oil
  • Thermal fluid boilers
  • Preheating furnaces
  • Recovery boilers
  • Steam and steam electric boilers
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heating skids

Depending on the components and principles in the products being treated, different technologies and industrial heaters from above will be enlisted to get the job done. Still, the most important component even with all that is the heat energy being transferred to the material. In some cases, heat is transferred directly to the product material. In cases on indirect heat transfer, on the other hand, the heat is transferred from another source to the product material through conduction, convection, radiation or any combination of the same.

Getting Industrial Heating Systems from Your Manufacturing Plant

In addition to understanding how these industrial systems work in the heating and manufacturing process, it is also important for manufacturers to choose the right suppliers to install an efficient, reliable, and safe system. All suppliers are not the same. As such, manufacturers need to look more carefully at how they go about selecting a supplier. Making not of certain features and characteristics go a long way, include:

  • Paying attention to a track-record of quality
  • Certification to carry out the services they provide
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Cost of installing the various systems

among others. The combination of these features will allow the manufacturer to secure a high-quality services provider or supplier.

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