The Process Of Making Affordable Persian Rugs
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The Process Of Making Affordable Persian Rugs

Making affordable Persian rugs involves several different elements.

Threads: Wool, Cotton, Or Silk?

First of all, they require high-quality threads to create the strength that is necessary to make durable and dependable rugs. Most cheaper Persian rugs are made of wool, so you can use either that or cotton as well. Low-cost Persian rugs seldom use silk because silk threads are more expensive, so it is hard to keep costs down using this material.

Mechanical Loom Or Woven By Hand?

Persian rugs, affordable and expensive, are both woven. The price difference is explained by the use of a mechanical loom, or being woven by hand. The cheaper versions are made by mechanical looms have a lower price because their manufacture process is less labor-intensive. A single rug may take several months to make. The more intricate patterns or a larger rug might even take a few years to be entirely made by hand. Machine-produced carpets can be made in just a few short hours.

Multiple Thread Colors Or Stamps?

Each motif or pattern uses a certain number of colors. The design is created by taking a certain thread color and using it as the right position. Cheaper rugs are made of one single color and have patterns stamped onto them. These are inferior-quality products, plain cheap.

The Design Itself

Most hand-crafted pieces are designs or patterns passed down from generation to generation and are based on family traditions. This is similar to quilts, where a mother receives the patterns from her mother, and passes them to her daughter. These are not bought and paid patterns, they are taught and learned.

Thread Tension

Handcrafting a Persian rug implies in using combs between each row and secure each thread. The mechanical loom automatically creates the desired tension and each thread is raked upon completion in order to secure the knots. Some machines use a double-loop knot, however most machinery makes a single-loop knot during the process.


The hardest part of manufacturing affordable Persian rugs in a mass production environment is to keep the design integrity, as well as ensuring the product durability expected from people when they buy an authentic Persian carpet. Customers are well aware that Persian carpets have been created and used since before Christ. They are right to expect getting an item that is superior to the ones woven in other countries.


Creation Persian rugs that are affordable became possible mostly due to the mechanical loom. Affordable rugs are made of wool and/or cotton over silk due to its high prices.

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