The Different Types Of Anti Dog Barking Devices And Their Benefits
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The Different Types Of Anti Dog Barking Devices And Their Benefits

Anti Dog Barking Devices are designed to teach dogs that a negative thing will happen to them when they bark, which will eventually help them to learn to hold back their bark. At one time, these devices where only used to train hunting dogs, but it became clear very quickly at a later stage, that they could be useful in the training of domestic pets too.

Why do dogs bark?

Barking is the way dogs communicate and express themselves so an anti barking device should only be used if your dog barks excessively and for no reason at all. Acceptable barking includes:

• When your dog is excited
• When he/she is scared
• When the doorbell goes
• When they are trying to tell you something, such as when an intruder is in your home

Sometimes this acceptable barking can become excessive though, like when they bark all the time at other dogs or people in their “territory,” when they can’t stop barking when the doorbell goes or when they get overexcited. This is when an anti barking device should be used.

The different types of anti barking devices
These days, there is a variety of anti barking devices to choose from. These include:

• The sound emitter — these can be either collars or remote devices that use the power of sound to discourage barking. When the sensors detect your dog’s barking it transmits a high-pitched, ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. This sound will give your dog a surprise and is just unpleasant enough to deter the barking. The sound will increase if your dog carries on barking, until he/she eventually stops.

• The anti bark collar — similar to the sound emitter, the collar replaces the high-pitched sound with a gentle electric shock, just enough to stop the barking

• Sprays — dogs don’t like the smell of citronella and this device sprays a jet of water mixed with citronella into the dog’s face when he/she barks, again stopping them from barking any further.

Benefits of anti barking devices

When used responsibly, these devices are one of the quickest, most effective ways to stop any dog from barking excessively. Some of the benefits include:

• It’s a safe way to teach your dog to not bark excessively
• It’s easy and safe for humans to use
• Some of these devices can be used from a distance, which is great if you’re in a park or not with your dog
• The device can also be used to stop other unacceptable behaviors, like digging and chewing shoes and furniture, for example

Good quality Anti Dog Barking Devices are great to use as a last resort, if other exercises and training methods fail to stop the excessive barking.

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