The Benefits Of Bean Sprouting

The Benefits Of Bean Sprouting

If you don’t have a green thumb but you would like to grow something edible, then you might want to try best bean for sprouting. It is an activity that you might enjoy and eventually turn into a hobby. Just make sure that you have the best beans for sprouting. They must be raw and not chemically treated. They must be not be roasted, toasted, milled, or cracked. Ideally, they will come in vacuum-sealed packages instead of bulk bins. There will be a label that specifically states that the beans are sproutable. The rest of the process will be a breeze.

Low Space Requirements

This activity has very low space requirements so you should be able to do it even if you live in a cramped studio apartment or something similar. The home will not look like a jungle or a cluttered mess. If you have a bit of space on the counter, then it should be enough to hold to few jars of beans. You don’t need to have a balcony to get some sun or extra floor space to hold pots. These only need small containers per batch for personal consumption.

Easy to Do

The process should be easy even for beginners. You just have to prepare transparent glass jars, cheesecloth, rubber bands, and your beans. Place a few tablespoons inside the container, fill it with clean water, and cover the top with a piece of cloth. Secure this with a rubber band or other means. Let it stand and soak for about half a day at room temperature. Larger beans may need longer soaks. Drain the jar, rinse the beans, and drain again. Do this twice a day until the beans sprout to the desired length.

Economical Hobby

The simple materials and low cost of beans make this an economical hobby. You don’t have to buy or do anything special. The preparation required also takes just a few minutes. Anyone can do it right away as no special skills need to be practiced. You could have your own sprouts in a day if you pick a fast-growing variety like mung beans.

Tasty Results

Perhaps the best upside to sprouting is the fact that the results are edible and quite tasty. You can start using them in your cooking and get added nutrients for your family. Check out different recipes online to get you started. You could find your next favorite meal.

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