The Benefits Of Air Core Drilling
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The Benefits Of Air Core Drilling

Air core drilling is done by many leading drilling companies. However, a lot of people aren’t aware of what the key benefits of this method of drilling are. That being said, the top benefits include:


One of the best things about the drilling method is it is fast. It is one of the fastest forms of drilling, which means companies can get tasks done much sooner rather than later. Since it is fast, it is also extremely powerful. In fact, air core is far faster than traditional core drilling and a lot more powerful.

It doesn’t matter what type of material you are drilling through, this method will get the job done within a very short period of time.

No Cross Contamination

When samples are drilled via various methods, cross contamination is highly possible. This can create issues with the drilling process, but this won’t be the case with AC drilling. This is because there is no cross contamination involved.

Instant Returns

Another key benefit is that companies are able to receive sample returns in an instant. There is no waiting around for hours on end to receive returns. Best of all, this is on a continuous basis. If you’re a miner or another type of contractor that relies on drilling for samples, then you know the importance of getting samples as fast as possible. This is exactly why you should opt for the AC method over traditional methods.

Equipment Quality

Let’s not forget to mention that the equipment used in this type of drilling is of high quality. It is extremely durable and reliable, which all companies want in drilling equipment. This is especially true for companies that are very busy.

Cost Effective

Finally, it is cost effective. In the long-run, companies can save a significant amount of money in their drilling operations. This method requires high quality equipment to be used, which means equipment failure is not likely going to happen. Not only that, but it’s cost effective because AC returns samples fast and performs drilling tasks very quickly. The bottom line is if a company wants to maximize their profits, then this is the method they should be using.

Those are the main benefits of air core drilling. There are many other advantages that this kind of drill offers, but those are the top ones. If you run a drilling company or need to hire one, then consider the air core method of drilling.

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