The Advantages Of Steel Frame Kit Homes
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The Advantages Of Steel Frame Kit Homes

Steel framed buildings are a popular choice among builders and homeowners alike because of the many benefits that come from using a steel frame when building a home. Principal among these is that steel framing lasts longer, is strong, light and easy to transport. It can also withstand temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Celsius and is impervious to the ravages of pests.

Steel frame kit homes provide all the advantages of other kit homes (customizable plans, easy construction, no materials waste) as well as the following advantages when using steel framing instead of wood.

Simple Installation

Because steel frames are engineered to be perfectly straight and to fit together seamlessly, there are no special techniques or fasteners required during construction. This results in fewer workers being needed and no specialized construction knowledge being required; they are simply bolted together according to the plan that came with the home.

Cost Effective

Steel is a highly cost effective material not only because it requires no specialized construction knowledge but also because it is so consistent in its manufacture and results in almost no waste during its assembly.

Durability and Impermeability

Steel frame kit homes are much more fire resistant than wood framed constructed houses and are also resistant to termites, rodents, mould and fungi which can otherwise cause significant damage to a traditionally framed home. Steel also doesn’t require any treatment with chemicals or insecticides. Steel frames are not subject to aging and will not distort, buckle, rot or splinter. It is also corrosion resistant and suitable for all climatic conditions.

Strength and Flexibility

The inherent strength of steel beams and other construction elements provides support for larger areas and increases the range of design possibilities for a home. Steel frames can easily be moulded into any shapes required including long spans and curves.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel framing does replaces the use of timber in a house and lasts longer. It is light and relatively easy to transport and creates minimal construction waste. At the end of its effective lifespan it can also be recycled.

Some Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to using steel for your kit home. Because of the raw materials required in its production it can be a more expensive option than wood framing. Some tradesmen also charge a premium for working with steel because they are more accustomed to working with wood. However, overall, when you consider the longevity of steel constructed houses compared to those using wood the extra expense may well be worth it in the longer term.

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