The Advantages Of An Automated Parking System

The Advantages Of An Automated Parking System

Automation has long been solving many of our manufacturing challenges. It has proven to be effective in increasing efficiency, quality, and productivity. Now the same technologies are solving some of parking’s persistent issues. It turns out that removing humans from the equation can result in incredible benefits. In a modern automated parking system, drivers simply go to the entrance, swipe their card, and leave their car. The building will take care of the parking including finding the best slot, keeping the vehicle safe, and retrieving it once the driver wants to go home. The system provides the following perks:

Increased Parking Capacity

You will notice that traditional automated parking system have a fair bit of space around the cars. These are required for each unit to maneuver without colliding with the nearby vehicles. It is due to the limitations of these machines when it comes to their movements like navigating tight angles. It is also attributable to human error which designers are wary about. If you let machines take over, then these problems disappear. Instead of being driven to their spot, the cars are sent there through a sliding platform. Smaller tolerances are needed so more cars can fit in a given area.

Convenient Modern Solution

Parking is a difficult chore for many, especially when there is a long line of cars waiting to secure a spot. You can waste hours because it takes each person a fairly long time to finish getting in or going out. In big structures, it can be a challenge to haul all of your groceries and other items back to your car if it is located high up or farther away. With automation, all the headache is gone because once you are at entrance, everything will go smoothly thanks to the machines running the show. You can leave everything to the system.

Safe and Reliable System

The cars are placed on platforms that move under the wheels. Therefore, the vehicles are stationary relative to their carrier that slides up-and-down or side-to-side depending on where they need to go. The cars themselves will never have a chance to bumps into each other in this system which makes this a lot more safe that traditional parking. Even if the tolerances are smaller, the risk of collision is lower. There are already several of these structures in the biggest cities in the US and they prove just how reliable the design is.

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