Teaching Jobs In Cambodia

Teaching Jobs In Cambodia

For about forty fives now global networking offices have played a central role in helping students attain their educational goals. Pursuing global education is the beginning of developing a student career and presenting life-changing experiences and opportunities. As such, education has become the highest employer in the major cities. For instance, teaching Jobs in Cambodia are leading in the world today. The teaching jobs in Cambodia include educational consultants, middle school teachers, English language teachers, reading teachers and production sales executives in educational services.

Reading teachers are responsible for researching biblical knowledge; assist the adult learners in reading independently. They act as a link between the church and the community schools. Through this, they solicit funds and resources of helping the needy especially the needy street children and orphanages. Qualifying for the reading teacher one must have 18 years and above, ready to learn, recommended by the church, and display a high level of responsibility, creativity, and faithfulness.

A middle school teacher is another job that requires an individual to have an ability to inspire and engage correctly middle school children aging between 6-10 years. Middle school teacher must have vast knowledge in social studies, English, and mathematics, as it is their areas of teaching.

The product sales executive on educational services job earns between $94, 644 to $ 84,456. The job seeker is entitled to a life insurance program, tuition reimbursement and healthcare benefits such as dental and vision services.

Educational consultants, on the other hand, are expected to work with Christian private schools to teach as an assistant teacher and offer teacher mentorship programs. To qualify for the job an individual must possess a formal teaching experience, develop and have a passion for operating in children environment. Besides, creativity, responsibility, and faithfulness are mandatory. An educational consultant job seeker must be able and willing to learn always, be an active Christian and adaptable.

Teaching English in Cambodia is another job opportunity. English teacher is expected to teach in tandem with the set professional standards, can adhere to the educational policies and programs, keep students records and carry out proper student evaluation and assessment. The teacher must also have the capacity and will to conduct and participate in various student programs.

Lastly, campus pastors or chaplains are required in Cambodia educational system. The chaplains are responsible for guiding students on spiritual matters, coordinate chapel programs, and counsel student appropriately when necessary. Chaplaincy job requires one to have 18 years and above, be a strong Christian and active in church programs and be grounded well in theological matters.

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