Sterling Silver Earrings For Every Occasion

Sterling Silver Earrings For Every Occasion

Many women don’t like to wear yellow gold, because it doesn’t look good on them. If this describes you, you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone. Many women prefer sterling silver because it looks better and is a durable choice for jewelry. This is especially true for earrings. Sterling silver earrings come in all kinds of styles, sizes, and designs, in both drop and post earrings.

If you like simplicity, simple silver balls on posts with a simple design carved in can be elegant. An attractive small hoop with a carved design is also attractive and can dress up an outfit. It is elegant and draws attention to facial features.

For formal wear, there are many kinds of silver earrings you can choose from. Solid dew drop earrings are very classy for a night out, wearing formal attire. They are also suitable for business attire, with the simplistic design and smooth finish. Simple hanging bars with a texture finish are also suitable for business or formal attire, but provide some added interest and draw more attention to the face.

Sleeper earrings are hoops the go through the ear and have a hammered end that is shaped like a small paddle. These earrings are simple in design and can be worn with a variety of outfits, including work attire.

If you like pets or animals, there are plenty of post earrings. Dogs, cats, elephants, birds, and horses are the most common. But there are many others that represent animals or nature. Feather earrings are also very popular and can be found with a single feather or multiple feathers.

Silver hoops with drops of a special scene are trendy and interesting. Filigree hoops are also very attractive and interesting. They make the wearer feel special. There are many variations of the popular sterling silver earrings. A puffed teardrop is one example. Another is the hoop with a Bali twist.

There are many types of silver earrings for ladies that are bound to please. They come in so many different styles that you can be sure to find a suitable pair for any lady who loves to wear silver jewelry. They are also available in every price range, so you can find a pair even with a limited budget. Silver earrings are always in style and can be paired with formal wear or every day work wear. Silver hoops are often a staple in a lady’s jewelry box.

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