Starting A Drone Business

Starting A Drone Business

With impressive features and a competitive price, one would be tempted to say that the Typhoon H Pro dethroned the DJI Phantom 4 as the heavyweight of the high-end camera drone. In terms of design, we see that Yuneec has bet on a sober and aggressive appearance, with 6 propellers instead of 4, a wasp size and a flawless finish. Plastic of good quality, pleasant to the touch, the device gives an impression of solidity.

And it is confirmed in practice: anti-collision sonar, radio controller with 7 inch HD 720 screen, two 5400 mAh batteries and a 16 GB SD card included, the Yuneec is not given but it is well equipped.

Everything has been thought to make the experience intuitive and spectacular. The fact that it is a hexacopter makes it possible to mitigate any shock or damage to one of the blades – only 5 are necessary to fly. If it is damaged, it detects the problem and returns to you to be repaired safely. It is designed to avoid obstacles, not through a visual analysis of what surrounds it – like the DJI Phantom 4 – but thanks to a sonar. This units are ideal tools when Starting a Drone Business.

The autonomy, it is about 25 minutes. It drops to 17 in case of navigation a little nervous, however a second battery is included with the purchase and it is very easy to replace it.

Regarding the flight itself, the controller’s radio range reaches about 1.7km, which is exceptional given the performance provided by the other models that we have listed. A series of flight modes are preprogrammed: it can be set to follow you, to turn around you or a defined point, to fly vertically. The goal is to put you in full view, and to prove to you that the camera remains stable in all circumstances, including when Starting a Drone Business.

Because the camera is mounted on a platform stabilized on three axes, providing fluidity and image clarity impeccable. This point is reinforced by a 360 degree rotation axis to control the camera independently of the rest of the camera, and even zoom.

The quality of the image is staggering. 4K, professional color and white balance, and a wide range of image settings allow Yuneec Typhoon H Pro to deliver exceptional 115-degree video and photos, without magnifying effect.

Before we get excited about this camera drone, know that the drone market is divided into two parts. One is dominated by drones with their own camera installed. And the second is the one in which drones use brand super cameras.

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