Sound System Rental Tauranga

Sound System Rental Tauranga

Passive Monitors (or non-powered) used by Sound System Rental Tauranga are just speakers and to power them you have to buy a separate amplifier. Active (or powered) Monitors have a built-in amplifier so you do not have to buy anything else.

Typically in the recording studios, Active Monitors are preferred, because they are more comfortable, and are built by the factory for the best frequency response. While a pair of Passive Monitors can be influenced by the type and setting of an external amplifier.

With an active monitor, you are sure that the manufacturer has chosen and matched the right amplifier to the speaker, to get the best performance. For a comprehensive list, sound experts will only consider Active Monitors for Sound System Rental Tauranga.

Often, the model number of Studio Monitor Speakers is based on the woofer size, and is measured in inches. For example The Yamaha HS8, have the 8 “woofer, but it is not always a rule.

It was determined by the Nyquist theorem that says that to reconstruct a signal correctly you need at least twice the maximum frequency to sample. Subsequently, these samples are given an amplitude value equivalent to the amplitude of the analog input signal. The number of standard bits is 16 bits that are equivalent to 65,536 possible values (The number comes from raising 2 ^ number of bits, in this case 2 ^ 16).

The use of base power two comes from the fact that the binary system is used where there are only two possible states like in the operation of the CD for example (presence or absence of light).

Those two states (1 and 0) represent the 2 and therefore the bit (or binary digit). On the other hand, the exponent is the number of possible states in a given system, that is, an 8-bit system has (2 ^ 8 = 256) or 256 possible states. Returning to the standard audio resolution we have the 16 bits that are (2 ^ 16 = 65,536) or 65,536 possible states that will take each of the 44,100 samples every second.

That is a lot of information that our computer has to process every second and it is even much bigger if we are recording a considerable amount of tracks simultaneously. In the market there are an infinity of options in terms of interfaces, some of them with different functionalities and specifications in addition to the AD/DA converters. Main Monitor (very large and heavy boxes, which are used in large studios). Midfield (Medium-sized speakers, typically 3-way, which are heard from 1.5-2 meters away).

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