Screen Printing Vs. Digital In Sacramento

Screen Printing Vs. Digital In Sacramento

Screen and digital printing are the two most popular types of printing that printing companies in Sacramento offer. Although these two types of printing have been around for several years, most people rarely differentiate the two and thus they can’t tell which one of them is suitable for their printing needs. Here is a thorough comparison of these two printing services offered in Sacramento.

Top difference between screen and digital printing

• Screen entails creating a screen and then using the screen for printing ink layers on the printing surface. Different screens are used for applying different colors. Digital printing entails processing artwork by a computer. The artwork is then printed onto to the product’s surface.

• Screen is ideal for designs that need the highest possible levels of vibrancy, such as printing designs on dark shirts. Digital printing is suitable for items that need high amounts of detail. It uses a lighter printing ink than the ink used in screen printing Sacramento.

• In digital printing, the design is printed onto the garments using water-based inks, hence allowing you to print multiple colors. In screen printing, the design is burned onto separate fine-mesh screens and then transferred to the garment or shirt via the screen.

Types of printing in Sacramento

• Spot color printing: This is one of the most common type of screen printing. It uses the ink for printing through a stencil or screen. It produces a dynamic color spot and thick layers of colors based on the ink used. What’s more, it provides the most affordable way of creating artwork as well as the most cost-effective way of printing one to four colors.

• Half-tone printing: The method involves printing one or multiple colors in gradients. It is mostly used for creating a multi-color look devoid of spending much on printing inks.

• Duo tone printing: It entails combining colors for purposes of creating a duotone print.

How do heat press compare with screen printing Sacramento

One of the greatest benefits of heat press is that it has lower cost particularly when it is being done in bulk. Also, heat press can accommodate detailed, complicated or colorful designs. Unlike screen printing Sacramento, heat press works perfectly well with much bigger designs.

Parting Thoughts

Whether you are opting for screen or digital printing Sacramento, each of them has its fair share of advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, while looking for the best printing services or options in Sacramento, consider your printing needs first and then decide whether to go for either screen or digital printing.

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