PCB Assembly Cost – What You Should Know About PCB Assembly Cost

PCB Assembly Cost – What You Should Know About PCB Assembly Cost

PCB Assembly Cost Aspects

Some of the most decisive factors affecting the overall PCB Assembly Cost include the complexity of the Design – The more complex the design, the more it will cost. Also, the smaller the PCB, the less it will cost. When you go small, you cut the weight and space, thus making the board smaller. In this case, the material is also reduced. The overall PCB assembly cost is therefore dependent upon many factors.

Location of Production

Most PCB manufacturing companies have production hubs situated in the respective regions where they receive their raw materials. When choosing a supplier for your PCB assembly, make sure that the hub is located in the area where your final product will be produced. This is because the greater the number of components that have to be assembled, the greater the number of employees employed to perform the job, and thus the higher the PCB assembly cost. PCB Assembly Cost also depends on the type of outsourcing company that you choose. Some of the standard outsourcing destinations are Japan, China, and the USA.


Another factor affecting the PCB Assembly Cost is the connectivity of the boards. Connectivity means how robust the PCB components are and how well they can communicate with each other. You can buy PCBs that can be connected by soldering or can be connected using mechanical or electronic joints. Moreover, the thickness and the weight of the components play an important role in determining the PCB Assembly Cost. Usually, thicker PCBs are made of thicker and heavier materials such as tin, zinc, aluminum, and copper and, therefore, costlier than thin PCBs.

Turnaround Time of the PCB

One of the factors that determine the PCB Assembly Cost is the turnaround time of the manufacturer. It is not true that cheap PCBs have fast turnarounds, but some manufacturers offer their customers quick turnaround times. If you want a high-quality printed circuit board, then you should opt for the one that is manufactured by the fast-working, reputed and experienced manufacturers. Moreover, it is often advisable to go for manufacturers in the industry for several years because they can offer customers fast turnaround times.

Additional Costs

Most of the time, we do not take into account the additional costs that we incur while performing our assembly operations. These costs can be so much and add up to the overall PCB Assembly Cost. However, if you have already planned your PCB project, it is advisable to divide the total expenses that you have incurred during the execution stage. By doing so, you can easily identify the areas where you can save money during the process.

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