Parking System New York Uses Automated Parking Garages
Parking System

Parking System New York Uses Automated Parking Garages

Automated parking garages use integrated software to move vehicles from one level to the next. Low-profile handling mechanisms transfer cars onto a shuttle, which travels on a lift to an upper floor, where the car is then unloaded. All transactions are recorded with integrated software, allowing remote monitoring and performance improvement. In addition, this technology improves the user experience. Automated parking garages can accommodate as many as three vehicles deep. The process typically takes about 90 minutes.

Automotion’s New York garage

A new robotic Parking System New York. AutoMotion Parking Systems, a North American distributor of Stolzer Parkhaus, is introducing the country’s first fully automated parking garage. In its system, cars are parked without attendants and transported to underground parking bays using Motorized Pallets. The system allows 67 vehicles to be parked in a 125 x 75-foot parking space, compared to 24 in a conventional parking garage.

The automated parking garage is equipped with motion sensors to detect human stowaways. When human stowaways are present, doors to entry bays cannot close. The robotic parking garage also has a pallet-and-lift system that carries cars to storage bays.

ParkPlus’s Chicago garage

With over 50 years of experience installing automated parking systems, lifts, multi-level car stackers, and custom storage solutions, ParkPlus is a leader in parking solutions. These solutions not only increase convenience for drivers but also lower operating costs. In addition, ParkPlus’s systems help buildings maintain a clean, orderly appearance while simultaneously reducing their parking footprint.

ParkPlus’s garage

ParkPlus’s garage is more than a place to park your car. The company also provides innovative, sustainable design solutions for the area’s parking needs. Their parking solutions are designed with holistic aspects in mind to reduce carbon footprints while also benefiting the community and surrounding ecosystem. In addition, the company is dedicated to making parking convenient for everyone.

A recent project involved relocating a Mini/BMW service department from an old warehouse to a multi-level building. The space was small and had low ceilings, so the service team needed to design an efficient solution. ParkPlus’s engineers developed a custom solution to double-stack cars without disrupting the structure’s layout. They used PARKPLUS’s DP003 units that were customized to fit the existing building and the Mini car size. As a result, they doubled the capacity of the service area, resulting in increased service revenue.

In conclusion, the Parking System New York uses automated garages, making the process of finding a parking spot much easier for drivers. This system is a great way to reduce congestion and pollution in the city, and it will definitely make life easier for visitors and residents. It’s time to get used to this new way of parking, and be sure to check out the automated garages when you’re in the Big Apple!

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