Controlling Charcoal Smoker Temperature

Controlling charcoal smoker temperature is crucial for maintaining the low heat essential for producing soft, smoky and juicy meat. “Low and slow” is an expression commonly used by barbecue pit experts to describe the whole smoking procedure, wherein the meat gets cooked at 200 to 235 F temperature for hours together. Unlike gas smokers thatContinue Reading “Controlling Charcoal Smoker Temperature”


Why You Need To Look Towards The Gear In Touch Football Uniforms

Uniform sellers like it when two sports have virtually the same outfits. It means that they can sell the same suits to the two different crowds with only minor changes in the marketing. Although touch and tackle football uniforms are virtually the same sport, they have one difference that makes all of the difference whenContinue Reading “Why You Need To Look Towards The Gear In Touch Football Uniforms”


Database Replication Into Greenplum

One of the most powerful massively parallel processing (MPP) databases available in the market is Greenplum Database. The database is suitable for running complex query workloads and fast real-time data retrieval. However, when it comes to handling volume transactions usually processed on OLTP (on line transaction processing) databases like DB2, SQL Server and Oracle, GreenplumContinue Reading “Database Replication Into Greenplum”


For Soccer Lovers Maybe Some Day Your Prints Will Come

Soccer is a wonderful game, played, watched and loved by hundreds of millions, the world over. When it comes to buying gifts, it is a very popular theme, be that either kit, equipment, or merchandise depicting a favorite team, or player. However, in the age of the Internet, with so many new and clever optionsContinue Reading “For Soccer Lovers Maybe Some Day Your Prints Will Come”