Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review

One of the problems with slow juicers is that they can only take small feeds. Usually, you will need to cut fruits like apples into eighths to fit in the feed chute. However, the Kuvings Whole slow juicer does not have this problem thanks to its wide 3-inch feed chute. By reading Kuvings juicer reviews, you will know why the machine is a hit with many juicing enthusiasts.

Features of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

i) Wide 3″ Feed Chute
To begin, the wide feed chute means you can feed apples and other large fruits without having to cut them into eighths. The juicer also has an oversized auger that chops off large chunks from any vegetable or fruit even before it reaches the Ultem screen. As a result, you save at least 5 minutes of prep-time.

The auger design of the Kuvings is unique and different from those of other juicers. The auger chops and crushes the items fed before they even reach the strainer. Moreover, it is easier to clean since it does not leave any recesses underneath.

ii) Upgraded Juicing Bowl
The Kuvings has an upgraded juicing bowl that is easier to clean. The bowl is flat, does not get clogged with pulp, and hence is easier to clean. You can also remove the juicer stopper to reduce the amount of cleaning you will have to do.

iii) Ultem Strainer
Apart from the juicing bowl, the juice has an Ultem strainer that is 8 times harder than standard strainers. The strainer can easily withstand the wear and tear experienced in everyday juicers. The strainers have smaller holes making the juicer produce les pulpy juice.

iv) Rotary Cleaning Brush
The Kuvings juicer comes with a new rotary cleaning brush. The brush cleans the other wall of the screen faster compared to using a traditional brush. Another brush that that can clean the pulp and juice ejector port is also included in the juicer pack. There is also a standard brush hat can be used to clean the inner wall of the strainer.

v) Easy to Assemble
The Kuvings juicer uses a hybrid lock-on mechanism system not available in other juicers. When the juicing bowl is attached on the base, it automatically locks into place and does not have to be twisted. The juicer system can be easily assembled and disabled without making the appliance vibrate when turned on.

If you are searching for a slow whole juicer, you should check Kuvings juicer reviews online to know more about this highly rated appliance.

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