Keeping Kit Home Prices Low

Keeping Kit Home Prices Low

Most of the people who are interested in kit home prices are drawn to them because of their low prices. The ability to build your own home and finish it within days is also appealing. Given the current economy, it is no surprise that the interest in these kits would soar. People would rather own a small house in the countryside than pay high rents in the city, especially if they can take their white-collar jobs with them. Those who already have homes may still want them for a backyard office or granny flat. You can find kit home prices at affordable levels as long as you are fine with the following:

Small Floor Area

The floor area of a house is the biggest determinant of its cost. The same holds true for kit homes. Bigger means more materials to fill the space. You have longer walls, wider roofs, more windows, and so forth. This will also be more time-consuming to build and more costly to operate once inhabited. Look for a model with a small floor area that can still provide all of your needs. Be creative in the way that you think about the space and use furniture with hidden storage compartments.

Basic Finish

These kits are sold in different levels of finishing. You might be able to get them bare with no plumbing or wiring. You could also have these systems integrated in the package. There are also kits that include better surface finishes than what you would normally find. Choose according to your budget. It’s possible to get one with a basic finish and just improve on it with time.

Simple Design

Go for minimalist designs with clean lines and few flourishes if you want to reduce your expenses. Anything extra will only result in increased complexity and greater materials. Most cheap options are rectangular boxes with a typically roof design. Of course, you would have to consider the area where you live as the weather might call for additional features. The number of expected occupants will have to be factored in as well.

Single Floor

Adding another floor will make the structure more complex. It will also require a deeper and stronger foundation, as well as higher quality materials and construction standards. Go for single floor models whenever possible. If you really need extra space for bedrooms, then see if you can find ones with lofts as an affordable solution. Just add a porch later to extend the living space horizontally rather than vertically.

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