Jump Start Service In Singapore

Jump Start Service In Singapore

Today, motorbikes and cars are a concentrate of sophisticated electronics and as such they only work with electricity or at least a good amount of energy is needed to start the engine. Then the generator takes care of supplying the necessary current to recharge the battery and power all the on-board ECUs (it is not rare for an alternator to deliver 180 A).

The electronics cannot withstand power surges, too low voltages, too high voltages, even interference; for these reasons it is not enough to make angry with the “Z” those boxes that, when they break, cost more than one installment of the mortgage of the house.

If the battery goes to the ground, or if you unplug it to replace it, some trouble can happen. You can lose the autoadaptive parameters of the engine (the engine turns badly), but it will be enough to wait for about ten kilometers, the ECU will self-train to return to the starting point.

Have you removed the battery when the engine has been switched off, without waiting for the Power Latch to finish (write time of the dynamic safety codes and self-adaptive parameters) and, if the new one is put, the engine will start again but it will switch off after only a few seconds? This is because the immobilizer no longer recognizes the key and if there is no reset procedure with the Master key, you have hunted in a mess.

It is possible to continue an almost apocalyptic description of what may happen but it is better to say immediately what is the trivial remedy. When you change the battery do not leave the vehicle without power, but it is good to put a small battery in parallel, it just one of those anti-theft (12v 5Ah), so as not to drive any control unit mad. As such, you may need to call Jump Start Service in Singapore.

Always remember to detach the mass first and then the positive one and to reattach the positive first and then the mass, not to reverse the polarity (it seems trivial but it happens very often to those who do it by themselves) and to connect in a certain way the clamps, so that there is no danger of false contacts (reason of failure for the generator voltage regulator).

At this point the alarm could sound if you have it, so be prepared to unplug it. Finally, you can replace any covers on the poles and reposition the battery support by screwing the relative screws.

To avoid the risk that by disconnecting or hanging up the battery, the central locking will make the situation worse. Do not leave the car keys inside the car or leave at least one door open during the operation.

If the battery of your car died, callĀ jump start service near you.

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