Incorporating Natural Healthy Foods In Your Diet
Healthy Foods

Incorporating Natural Healthy Foods In Your Diet

At the start of humanity, we ate the way we are supposed to. By nature, we ate food that was suitable to our systems, food that had no chemicals added and food that was fresh and untainted. As we became more knowledgeable and learned how to make our food tastier, more accessible and available in more abundance, we started to tamper with our food supply in a way that made much of the food we eat now not very healthy and certainly not suitable to our bodies or our natural diets.

Substances like food colouring, pesticides, antibiotics and artificial flavouring have crept into our foods. Many of these foods are mass-produced and packaged so they can have a long shelf life or be kept in a freezer for long periods of times. That means that preservatives, which are another unnatural substance, are being added to foods more and more.

Despite all these new and innovative but unhealthy ways of preparing food, fear not as there are still plenty of ways to eat natural healthy foods if that is what you would like to do. The best way to embark on a healthy eating journey is to journal your intentions, research as much as possible, find out what nutrients you are deficient in if any and make a plan to eat what is best for your body type and state of health.

The internet is a wealth of information when it comes to healthy living including dietary issues. Research things like how to avoid buying produce with pesticides, what produce is best in what season, what foods have the least chemicals and what companies are selling natural healthy foods. Speaking with a nutritionist or knowledgeable employee at your local health food store can also give you some insight into what you should be eating. The best way to eat healthy is to make most things yourself. This will also be the cheaper way to eat. It is possible to find store-bought healthy items but it will be even fresher and healthier if you buy the natural ingredients you need and make it yourself at home.

If you switch to a more natural diet, it’s still important to get nutrients from all the food groups. In other words you still need grains, fruit, vegetables and protein. Dairy is important too but in moderation. Read food labels religiously to ensure you know what you are putting in your body. There are apps available that allow you to scan some food items and see information about the product that may not be available on the label. Natural foods are more widely available today and can be found almost everywhere including health food stores, grocery stores, specialty grocery stores and some drug stores.

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