Ideas For Using Rustic Lumber
Reclaimed Lumber

Ideas For Using Rustic Lumber

These days, the DIY movement is still going strong. Everyone has new ideas of how to use resources such as rustic lumber in unique and practical ways. The rustic farmhouse style is as popular as ever, and the barn wood look is chic, warm, and adds character to any space. From accent walls to frames and furniture, rustic lumber has a number of interesting uses.

Accent Walls

Having a focal point in a room is a great way to make a decorative impact. For bedrooms, the wall behind the bed is most often the focal point wall, and adding barn wood is a great way to add some depth and character to a space. In a living room or dining area, a rustic-wood wall adds a lot of warmth and character and sets the tone for the space.

Frame it Out

Making your own frames is a great way to ensure your pictures and prints are displayed in a way you can be proud. Using rustic wood to make your own frames is simple, affordable, and looks great. Another big trend is to make open-back frames and not have anything inside them. Just hanging an open-backed frame on a wall or having multiples of varying sizes leaning against the wall on a fireplace mantel is a great way to add a layering effect and up the visual interest of the space.

Rustic Wood Furniture

Two of the most popular furniture projects for rustic wood are headboards and table tops. In the world of DIY, few things are easier and more affordable than making your own headboard or tabletop from rustic wood planks.

The great thing about these kinds of projects is that you can customize them to suit the space you are intending them for. Your headboard can easily be tailored to your bed size, and the more rustic you want the space, the more rustic wood you can choose to use. Rustic wood is great because it has charm all on its own, or it can be painted or stained to suit your individual taste and color scheme.

Many people have a dining room table that they like but want a change. If your table is the perfect size for your family and space, why replace the whole thing when you can just attach some wood planks to give it an entirely new look.

When it comes to rustic lumber, the possibilities for home projects are endless.

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