How To Pose Like A Model And Rock It

Models do more than just look good for the camera – they represent the brand for the clothes, bags, shoes, jewels and makeup they wear. They also sell attitude, image and a range of human emotions to draw people in. Modeling can be an excellent career for people who love the camera and vice versa. Learn how to pose like a model with these tips:

Maintain a Good Posture

A good posture elongates your neck and allows your spine to settle in a comfortable, natural position. If you have good posture, you will look taller, slimmer and more confident, so clothes look good on you. In case you’re wondering why some models slouch in some poses, keep in mind that these poses are done to project a certain look. Slouched poses in pictures are not an indication of a model’s real-life posture.

Know Your Angles

If you have a face and body that looks good at any angle, then lucky you. However, it’s perfectly okay if you have certain angles that look better on camera than others. The key is to know which poses utilize your best angles in the best way possible.

Mirror Yourself

Practice your poses in front of a mirror to have an idea of what you look like. This will allow you to work your face, body, arms, legs, fingers and feet in different poses to achieve a certain visual effect. Try posing with different clothes and shoes on.

You can also try posing in front of a camera, so you will see exactly what a photographer will see. Try taking photos of yourself or have someone do it for you while using some lighting fixtures at different angles. This will help you determine which of your features stand out at certain poses using certain light sources.


If you have ever seen a photoshoot live or on TV, you will see that models move, shift and face different directions as the camera clicks. This allows the photographer to find the best pose for a specific shoot. During a photo session, avoid keeping still and move. Don’t be afraid of your body and let it do the work for you.

The ability to move is critical to your job as a model. Even if you are only shooting upper body pictures, moving your hips, legs and feet can make your pose more dynamic and interesting. Learn to use your hands, arms and torso to determine which pose combination is best. Be comfortable with your body. When you know how you look when you do a specific pose, you will be more confident as a model.


Observe more experienced models and how they pose for the camera. Look at how they use their faces and bodies to show off clothing and shoes. It is also a good idea to take note of the photographer’s directions. In most cases, you will find great advice and learn a few tricks just by listening to how the photographer interacts with the model during the shoot. If you want to know how to pose like a model and be successful in your profession, keep learning new things to stay updated.

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