How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell
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How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

You’ve sat for months waiting patiently for the best opportunity to put your home on the market. And now comes the tricky part; getting the house ready to sell. At the back of your mind, you know that this will involve a lot more besides hiring a good agent. But what exactly do you need to do? Read on to see the most important steps you should take as you prepare to sell house Philadelphia.

Catch up on Maintenance

It’s common sense that you’ll want to address any problems you might have been putting off up to this moment. Cracked window panes, leaking faucets, chipped tiles, loose door handles and such; all these will require fixing before your home goes on the market.

Even if you’ve been steadfast with maintenance, it’s a good idea to inspect the house for potential repairs. Living in one place for a while does cultivate a sense of security, you know — things that might not be apparent now could come back to haunt you later. So it can’t hurt give your home a thorough checkup, listing any issues that’ll need fixing.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to restore everything to a perfect state. Still, every unaddressed defect represents a chunk of leverage handed to potential buyers.

Declutter and Depersonalize

That you’re preparing to sell house Philadelphia means you already have a place to move into once the transaction is complete. So there’s no need to have your personal stuff around anymore. Get it out of the way so buyers will be able to visualize themselves living in the house.

For the record, “personal stuff” means anything that holds sentimental value to you or a family member (photos, artwork, trophies, memorabilia, collectibles, etc). Not to forget individual belongings like clothes and bedding — get rid of them too. Also remove excess furniture and other pieces of clutter to make the house feel more spacious.


You knew that this was coming all along, didn’t you? Now that there’s less stuff in the way, it’s time to give your home a thorough clean. You may do it yourself, but it makes more sense to bring in a professional cleaning service. This’ll give you a much shorter turnaround and spare you lots of sweat.

Spice up Your Curb Appeal

It’d be misleading to say that this is crucial to making a good first impression. Curb appeal IS the first impression. It’s the attractiveness of your home when viewed not just from the street, but on a listing photograph as well. It’s the sudden surge in appetite evoked by the sight of sumptuous dishes on a food magazine.

With that in mind, it’ll take more than a clean exterior to enhance curb appeal. A landscaping makeover will be necessary if you’re going to make your property stand out. Also consider bringing in some outdoor furniture to make the place more inviting.

Let Your Agent Take it From There

As noted earlier, hiring a realtor is a must if you want a smooth sale. An agent will bring in a larger pool of potential buyers than you could reach on your own. They’ll also do whatever it takes to ensure your best interests prevail throughout the transaction.

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