How To Find Gay-Friendly Playa Del Carmen Hotels

How To Find Gay-Friendly Playa Del Carmen Hotels

Most gay couples usually face no problems when traveling locally. But the story may change drastically once you cross borders or travel overseas on holiday. But why is this case? Three things: Foreign laws, customs, and attitudes. All these may be different from what you are used to at your home country. For example, it may be allowed and normal for you to hold your partner’s hand or even share a kiss in the public in your country but the same act of love in your destination country could get you prejudiced or attacked, physically or verbally.

To avoid exposing yourselves to risks or running into problems, here are some tips to help you find gay-friendly Playa del Carmen Hotels.

Scout Through Travel Guides

Travel guides now have subsections that offer travel advice and holiday recommendations to gay people and others who are part of the LGBTQ2 community. Look through the travel guides to establish whether or not the areas in Playa del Carmen you want to visit is safe for you.

Read Blogs and Visit Online Forums

Search for different blogs and online forums in Playa del Carmen. In the search section of the particular forum or blog, type ‘gay safety and laws’. The results will show you stories on blogs or chats on forums in regard to LGBTQ2 events, or the general culture of the local people. From this, you will find out how friendly or unfriendly the laws are to gay people.

Enquire with LGBTQ2 press and organizations

Are there TV stations, newspapers, or radio stations specifically allied to the gay or the LGBTQ2 community at large? Are there gay activist organizations in Playa del Carmen? Reach out to them for answers to questions you may have.

Look Out For Travel Advisories

There are countries that have laws set specifically for gay or same-sex couples. It could be that they are open and friendly to all kinds of visitors irrespective of their sexual orientation or romantic preferences or they are completely against it, especially in public spaces. Check Playa del Carmen laws to be sure.

Consult Your Travel Agent

If your travel to Playa del Carmen hotels was abrupt, or you simply don’t want to have to go through all the hassles highlighted above, the best alternative option in your quest to find a gay-friendly holiday is to consulting your travel agent. They have reliable and up-to-date information regarding gay couples in any country. The travel agent may also go on to recommend better, friendlier holiday destinations than you probably had in mind.

It may look like too much trouble to have to be extra careful when planning to go on a simple holiday trip. But as a gay couple, you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence in order to stay. Above are some key points that you should consider before embarking on your Playa del Carmen holiday.

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