How To Check THC Levels
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How To Check THC Levels

THC is the shortened version of Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is one of the main marijuana compounds. There are home testing kits that users of medical marijuana can use to determine the amount of THC in a particular strain. Simply put a small sample onto the included slide or vial, apply a few drops of the testing solution and await the reaction of the two substances. For THC in the body, a fluid test like a saliva analysis or blood serum will be required. It is also necessary to immediately process the sample while the compound remains active in your system. Below are some guidelines on how to check THC levels:

Purchase a Home Test Kit

Kits are available to detect the concentration and type of CBD and THC – the main compounds found in marijuana. As such, you should go for a kit that looks specifically for THC. There is also a combination kit that tests for both, which can be used to provide you with the information you’re seeking. However, interpreting the results may be a bit more challenging.

Typically, test kits cost between $20 and $100, depending on the precision level you prefer. Cannabinoid test kits are usually available online and at your local dispensary or clinic.

Carefully Read and Follow the Instructions

Test kits are fairly easy to use; however, the different brands work a bit differently. Carefully read the procedural summary located on the back of the package or read through the included instruction leaflet to learn precisely how to do the test. Failure to do this could cause inaccurate results. The majority of kits contain two or more tests; this provides a second chance if a mistake is made the first time around.

Perform the Tests as Early as Possible

A number of factors determine the period how to check THC levels will be detectable in a standard fluid test. These include blood chemistry, body composition and the volume and type of cannabis used.

To lessen the vagueness of the results, running a sample as soon as possible is extremely important. Depending on the frequency of your marijuana use, it could take between a few hours and a few days for all measurable traces to disappear from your system.

In most regions of the world, 5 nanograms or less per milliliter of blood is the acceptable legal concentration to look for. THC breaks down rapidly in the body; therefore, a fresh sample will typically have deteriorated prior to being processed.

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