How Much Should You Pay For Interview Transcription Services?
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How Much Should You Pay For Interview Transcription Services?

Do you have problems capturing details during interviews and putting them down accurately? Then you should have your interviews transcribed to enable you to read, archive and better organize the requisite details for later use. With the help of interview transcription services, you can get a more precise and efficient way of documenting your recorded interviews. But like any other valuable services out there, these services come at a cost and thus if you are thinking of having your interviews transcribed, then you might be interested in knowing how much you will pay for these services. To keep you on the loop, here are some of the key factors that influence the cost of interview transcription services.

Turnaround time

On average, the price for interview transcription services is between $1.30 and $ 3.50 per every recorded minute. Generally, prices for transcription services depend greatly on the project’s turnaround time. Charges can be higher for people who are interested in faster turnaround options. In addition to the turnaround time, most interview transcription services charge more depending on audio challenges and video captioning.

Accuracy levels

Interview transcription services with low accuracy levels are quite cheap. Although machine-oriented transcription offers an affordable alternative to human transcription, it isn’t accurate in comparison to the latter. Services that have their transcriptions done by professional transcribers will charge more simply because their services have high accuracy levels. In a nutshell, the more accurate a transcription service is, the more expensive it is.

Transcription service itself

Transcription services aren’t equal just like with any other services. Some interview transcription service providers charge more for their services than others, particularly reputable services that are known to deliver high-quality transcription services. On the other hand, startups or little known transcription services price their services quite cheap since most of them don’t have professional and experienced transcribers needed to deliver quality and accurate transcription. Therefore, the overall cost of interview transcription services can vary from one transcription service to the other.

Multiple speakers

If your interview transcriptions have multiple speakers, most services will charge you more to have your interview files transcribed. The charges can even get higher if the speakers in the interview files have accents that require the transcriptionist to listen carefully while transcribing.


As you can see, the cost of interview transcription services can be relative depending on the transcription service you pick, the nature of your project, your preferences, and a host of other factors. However, choose a service that can meet your transcription needs within your budget.

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