How Do Fully Automated Parking Systems Work?
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How Do Fully Automated Parking Systems Work?

You are reading this post because you are probably looking to know how the parking system Miami work or that you are looking to leverage its benefits. If you are looking to guarantee greater security for your clients or simply want to increase your parking capacity without using more land, an automated parking system is the ultimate solution. According to studies, modern parking systems can raise the vehicle capacity of a piece of land by over 300 percent. In addition, vehicles cannot be broken into or damaged once they have been parked.

Parking systems can be either fully or semi-automated. Both of these systems feature automated moving platforms that move vehicles to different parking positions. The underlying difference is that fully automated systems have no human intervention in helping to park the vehicles. All the owner of the vehicle needs to do is to interact with the system via the applications or at the point of entry. The system will move and locate the space on its own and return a message regarding the location of the car in the parking lot.

How Does the System Park and Retrieve the Vehicles?

A fully-automated parking system Miami moves the vehicles on platforms which may be shelves or circular in design. The platforms are arranged as large shelves on which cars are placed and moved. Other form use rotating platforms that move in circles.
The fully automated parking system accomplishes its duties through a moving platform or platforms. The actual structure of the parking system can vary. Some are arranged as large shelves into which vehicles are moved, while others use a rotating configuration of platforms. The platforms are designed in such a way that they can park and retrieve a car from any position within the shelves.

Easy User Interaction

Once the car is parked safely, the system issues a code or a ticket to the owner of the vehicle. This is done via an app or the available interface at the entrance. When you want to retrieve the car, all you need to do is key in the unique code so that a specific car can be retrieved.

Now that you already know the basics of how automated parking systems work, you might want to install one that will address your parking needs. For help, contact a reputed company that has requisite experience and expertise in deploying state-of-the-art parking technology. Research the most reliable and affordable company that will help you realize the best possible way of resolving your parking problems.

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