Hire Reliable Lighting Technicians Fresno

Hire Reliable Lighting Technicians Fresno

The emitted light is decidedly powerful: it is not cold white but warm, but clean enough to ensure excellent visibility. It is worthwhile for various reasons, it is sold at unavailable prices, lasts 45/50 thousand km and you can replace it by yourself easily and in total autonomy, thus saving on the mechanic’s labor.

We give you advice if you want any light bulb to last longer: turn it on only when it’s mandatory and when you need it. Those who buy this Bosch lamp recommend by Lighting Technicians Fresno are satisfied.

Let’s move on to the first high-intensity white lights allowed by the Highway Code, the Philips WhiteVision white xenon effect. They supply 60% more light and 40% bright white light (with a color temperature of 4300K) and are comparable to the headlights of high-end cars.

Superior visibility, on the one hand, but on the other, not annoying because they do not dazzle oncoming motorists. The security level increases thanks to improved visibility, clarity and contrast. The light beam instantly eliminates darkness. There is no risk that they explode thanks to the quartz glass with ultraviolet protection.

They are resistant to thermal shocks, high temperatures, shocks, strong vibrations and resistant to humidity. Quartz glass, in addition to being more resistant and protective, is able to emit a more powerful light thanks to the increased pressure inside the lamp. It lasts up to 450 hours, which is not bad considering the power. Also included 2 blue W5W bulbs to be used for a license plate, interior and position lights.

On the subject of car lighting, LED lamps used by Lighting Technicians Fresno are the ones that satisfy the most demanding, those looking for the lunar white (color temperature of 6000K) that is closest to xenon. This pair of low-beam headlamps for cars with the brand belongs to the type of CSP LED, superior, with exclusive SMD technology with light emission on the 5 sides.

They provide 200% more light than classic halogen lamps. The light beam (adjustable to 360 degrees) is excellent: it is powerful for those who drive and weak for incoming drivers. It does not dazzle other drivers but makes your driving comfortable and much safer. The cooling fan is powerful enough to disperse heat better and is quieter than other models.

They are waterproof, with a perfect light cut with a durable metal adapter, an aeronautical aluminum shell, and a very stable structure. Simple to install, not compatible with the Can-bus system: in the event of flickering or error notifications, it will be necessary to purchase a Can-bus decoder. They definitely improve night driving and don’t cost much.

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