Guide To Available Warehouse Units
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Guide To Available Warehouse Units

Choosing an air conditioner for Warehouse Units can sometimes become a real headache considering the many models available on the market. In addition, the power and the different features of your air conditioner must meet your needs perfectly. This article will help you choose the right air conditioner model for your needs.

Installing an air conditioner in your room is an undeniable source of comfort. In addition, the air conditioner can purify the air in your room because it is equipped with filters. These filters are dedicated to retain dust, odors, and pollutants that can affect your well-being. Some models even have built-in air purifiers.

Installing an air conditioner in a room is therefore a source of undeniable comfort: in addition to regulate perfectly the temperature of your place of sleep, it will purify the indoor air and maintain a constant humidity. Warehouse Units are ideal for businesses of all sizes, especially online merchants involved in e-commerce.

What type of air conditioner to choose for a room? If you only have one room to air-condition, you can opt for a monosplit model. This type of device is ideal for equipping a single room, such as the bedroom. The monosplit system is generally preferred for its affordability, especially since it consumes little electricity in Warehouse Units.

A monosplit system consists of an outdoor unit connected to a single indoor unit via a dual channel. A refrigerant circulates in the pipes between the two units to allow the exchange of energy.

The most common model is the wall-mounted air conditioner, to be installed high on the wall, above the entrance door for example. For a room, it is the most suitable. Choose an air conditioner for a room according to the surface.

Choosing the power of your air conditioner should not be random. If this is insufficient, your unit will not be able to provide proper air conditioning. It will always work at full speed: this will reduce its life and increase your electricity bill without providing you the desired comfort.

To get an idea of the power required for Warehouse Units according to the dimensions of your room, you can use the following formula: Surface (m²) x Height (m) x 45 Watt/m3. This calculation is simplified, but it allows you to know the necessary power of the air conditioner for your room (By adding a security of 10 to 20%).

For a room of 12 m2 in a recent house with a ceiling of a height of 2,5m, the calculation will give 12 m2 x 2.5m x 45 Watt = 1350 Watts. It will therefore seek an air conditioning with a power of about 1500 Watts (1.5kW).

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