Going Plastic-Free: Why You Need Reusable Water Bottles
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Going Plastic-Free: Why You Need Reusable Water Bottles

Do you know how many single-use water bottles litter our ecosystem each year, from the US alone? 50 Billion! This estimate is according to statistics by Earth Day 2018 Single-Use Plastics. All this waste ends up clogging the ocean, lakes, rivers, and land. Fortunately, we do have an alternative. We can now switch to using reusable bottles instead. What are the benefits of using reusable water bottles? Let’s look at three of them below:

It’s An Economical Option

Bottled water in single-use bottles retails up to four times more than the reusable water bottles. Hence, it will save you a significant amount to switch to reusable water bottles. Besides, the cost of disposing of the single-use bottles is not sustainable. These bottles have to be collected and may end up in landfills where they can take up to 100 years to break down completely. Those that do not end up in landfills are incinerated, emitting harmful gases responsible for global warming.

Reusable Bottles are a Healthier Alternative

Did you know that unlike reusable water bottles, single-use bottles have the potential to leak harmful chemicals or add a repulsive taste to the water? Single-use bottles are made from polyterephthlate (PET) plastics, which have been proved to leach antimony, more so when the single-use bottles are subject to high temperature, for example, while in transit to the local store. Antimony has been shown to be hazardous to human health, and is believed to cause gastrointestinal disturbances and headache upon exposure. What’s more, there is no guarantee as to what’s actually contained in the water in any ‘branded’ single-use water bottles. Reusable bottles are of BPA-free Tritan plastic, glass or stainless steel that keeps the water composition and taste intact.

It’s An Opportunity To Monitor Your Water Source

What is your bottled water’s origin? Is it safe for human consumption? Does your supplier adhere to the strict laws meant to protect you? Well, it’s easier to verify all this when you go for your next water refill. So, the next time you go for a refill, always check the way your supplier handles the water and whether he has all the legal documents to supply it.


Are you still using and discarding single-use bottles for your drinking water? Stop making a carbon print. Switch to reusable bottles instead. Reusable bottles will save your hard-earned money, even as they help reduce plastic landfills. It is a safe option. Finally, it’s a chance for you to keep tabs on your water source and cleanliness. Make the change today.

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