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Find The Best Sailing School Thailand

To reach the goal, the Sailing School Thailand guide can attach to the anchor chain, or to the cable itself, a line a few meters long, possibly wrapped on a spool, to slide between the hands during the dive; the precise return to the anchor is thus assured and, moreover, the divers can attach themselves to the cable to not get lost in case of reduced visibility.

In the presence of a strong current, a cable fixed to the bottom can be a convenient grip for the most tired divers, for those who have to adjust their equipment, or for students who have to complete the exercises.

There are also useful accessories to draw the attention of divers underwater: from hammers or other metal instruments, to the classic knife blade, which, if struck against the tank, emits a perceptible sound at a great distance (although not easily identifiable) which can direct the diver towards the escort.

Especially in areas where the presence of currents is suspected or known, it is useful to advise the divers to use the signaling buoy. Deflated and folded, this small parachute can fit inside the pocket of the bladder attached with a line to the equipment.

Itcan be inflated by the second Sailing School Thailand regulator and sent to the surface if you want to signal your position: given the tendency to settle vertically when it is swollen, it is visible at great distances even in the presence of medium-sized waves.

To draw the attention of the boat from the surface it is also possible to use the classic whistle attached to the gav or the recent electronic acoustic signals.

These precautions should be increased at night with the use of trekking lights for each diver, strobe lights on the anchor cable, floats and the use of a long cable attached to the boat. The companion could think of using a light of a particular color, shape or intensity to be immediately recognizable, especially in the case of underwater crossing between several groups.

Evaluation of divers

The assessment of the level of preparation and the objectives of the divers is simplified when the instructor accompanies his own students. The situation is different when you have to accompany unknown people or people whose diving skills are not exactly known.

The tour leader should therefore first of all try to evaluate the abilities of the divers and understand what they intend to do in diving (excursion, photo, observation of specific animals, etc.). Only after collecting this information can he select the appropriate dive site and evaluate what kind of control to exercise over the group.

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