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Find Cheap VPS Hosting

The best hosting package for any business is dedicated server hosting. However, it is costly to maintain as there is only one user per server. For small businesses, dedicated server hosting is unreasonable because all the server resources may not be utilized. However, this hosting package is much more reliable and secure than shared hosting. When it comes to affordability, nothing beats shared hosting. Since dozens of users share the resources of a server, some may use more space and bandwidth than others, thereby disadvantaging others. In fact, overloading the server with traffic can lead to a server crash. This means that all the websites hosted on the server will be unreachable.

If you are looking for a hosting plan that is secure, reliable and cheap at the same time, you should consider using a VPS hosting service. To get cheap VPS hosting, be sure to take your time to search the internet for firms that have VPS hosting plans and make a list of at least 12 of the top-rated firms. From there, you can narrow down your search by considering a wide range of factors, including:

i) Reliability

While VPS plans are usually much more reliable than shared plans, their reliability will differ from one service provider to the next. Therefore, it is recommended you do some research on the reliability of the shortlisted hosting companies. Only firms that guarantee 99.99% server up-time should be accorded any consideration. Since an unreliable hosting service can damage your reputation and affect your sales, you must give top priority to firms that have a reputation for being the most reliable in the industry.

ii) Server Resources

There are two types of cheap VPS hosting plans. There is dynamic VPS, where a single server is partitioned to create multiple virtual servers, each of which is rented out to different users. There is also the cloud VPS, where the resources of several servers located in different data centers are harnessed and sold out like any other utility. The more space and bandwidth a client uses, the higher their bill and vice versa. The latter is a great option due to automatic scalability. Most firms also charge lower rates for Cloud VPS plans than dynamic VPS plans. That said, be sure to check the bandwidth, storage space, RAM and processing power that comes with each plan before making a decision.

iii) Cost

Before committing yourself, you have to compare hosting fees. By checking what different firms charge for their VPS plans, you can identify the right hosting company for your needs.

Once you have found the right hosting plan, be sure to pay for an annual plan to reduce the charges. You can even pay for a 24-month hosting service to further reduce the monthly costs.

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