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Find A Comprehensive Chemical Compound Database

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) is the most studied among advanced polymers. According to the Chemical Compound Database, it is the most inert resin known, attacked only by molten alkalis, rich in future. Even fluorobutadiene, fluorovinyl give polymers ranging from a waxy consistency to that of real solid resins.

What is the function of die casting? Die casting is the most suitable, economical and performing method of working, when it is necessary to produce objects in aluminum alloys. Die-casting allows to save over 50% on the cost of the raw material, compared to the more expensive bar machining.

Die casting allows to obtain: articulated shapes and with very small tolerances and a high repeatability, reduced thickness and, in some cases, even less than 1.5 mm and high mechanical resistance to processing. Lack of porosity and pressure with air and liquids, excellent workability and reduced cost of the raw material.

Greater durability over time of die-cast components compared to plastic, as the parts are not subject to any kind of deterioration or deformation. Components with a high degree of aesthetic finishing, therefore suitable for the furniture and lighting industry.

Opportunity to obtain different versions of an article from the same mold, replacing plugs or dowels. The possibility to choose from a vast catalog of alloys with different mechanical and chemical characteristics as listed in the Chemical Compound Database.

What surface treatments can be done on die-castings? Die casting can be subjected to different surface finishing treatments, including: sandblasting and shot blasting, mainly used to remove burrs and oily residues from the jet. They are also indispensable for preparing the surface for subsequent and possible finishing phases, such as painting.

Tumbling, which ensures an excellent surface finish suitable for components with particular aesthetic requirements;
polishing, similar to tumbling, but capable of giving the piece a brighter appearance. It is ideal and recommended when it is necessary to prevent the detail from retaining the dust.

Among all the treatments chrome plating is without the most complex and expensive finishing treatment, as it requires a very accurate surface finishing of the piece, which also removes the slightest trace.

Shotblasting and sandblasting machines can also be used for finishing treatments such as die-casting. Experts specialize in the market of used shot blasting machines, making it one of our flagships, thanks to a constant and direct trading activity.

Die casting is an industrial production process that consists of injecting liquid metal in a high-pressure mold in a special mold to obtain products of very complex shapes, at low cost and with mechanical characteristics suitable for the most varied uses. The process is carried out by an automatic or semi-automatic work island.

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