Escape Room Waikiki Live

Escape Room Waikiki Live

Hawaii has a lot to offer no doubt, but do not forget to check out the escape room Waikiki has to offer. It is a great activity suited to all types and ages. It is an activity that flexes the mind while exercising the body and seeing the great sites that make Hawaii such a natural wonder.

Room escape games have been a favorite of computer gamers for years. This once exclusively virtual game has stepped into the real world. Breakout rooms or escape rooms have started to appear around the country. The premise is exactly the same as the point and clicks game favorites. The only difference is that it is not your mouse clicking around a virtual room looking for the exit. It is now you and your friends or family engaging in all the same challenges once reserved for your cursor.

It is challenging to find an activity that the entire family can enjoy at the same time. Most often one or several family members have to compromise when choosing a group activity. The reasons for compromise include physical limitations and even age-appropriate content. Live escape rooms do not require a compromise. They are packed with activities that stimulate the brain and or physicality. Several different room themes allow you to further dictate the content to essentially create an experience that is appropriate for your family.

This is an activity. It is required to get up off the couch and move your body to complete the room escape. However, it is up to you how physical you want your experience to be. You can choose a member of your group to take on the more physical challenges if some enjoy it more than others. Select a theme that matches your physical prowess or maybe even one that puts it to the test. While these room breakouts do require you to do some critical thinking they also require that you put some muscles behind that brainpower. It is the most escape room Waikiki on the market.

The true draw of the breakout room games is the mental challenge. The room is filled with puzzles and challenges that require critical and lateral thinking. The puzzles range from the obvious to the mind-bending requiring the brainpower of everyone involved. Clues and hints are scattered about like an extreme Easter egg hunt. All the while you get to enjoy the natural beauty of Waikiki.

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