Elements Of A Fiction Book

Elements Of A Fiction Book

When it comes to reading, there are many genres out there. What you choose to read is personal preference, you may stick to one genre or you may try them all. You may decide that you don’t like a particular genre but then you try a book by an author highly recommended, and you decide that you like that author and will continue but only with theirs. Regardless of your preferences when it comes to reading, you can find something
that you like.

It doesn’t matter what genre of book you are reading, from historical fiction books to those that are written five hundred years in the future when mankind is extinct, there are several elements that all books need to follow. This does not guarantee that you will enjoy them but these are required for be an actual book and complete story.

As with any story, you need characters, a plot and some sort of conflict for them to go through. If they didn’t have a conflict, where would the story be? There wouldn’t be! They would just be going about their business, nothing special or exciting and people would quickly quit reading. The type of conflict they have can be pretty much anything, a lot will depend on the type of story it is. Is it someone going to settle in the Wild West, is it someone who has to marry for an inheritance or is it someone who is being blackmailed and has to figure out why? There are many different types of conflict and many reasons why the characters are experiencing it.

Dialogue can be difficult to write but you need it to make the story flow. Have you ever tried to read, or write, something without dialogue? It can get pretty boring quickly. Without the characters talking to each other and discussing elements, everything is third hand and there is no interest or emotion to the writing. The dialogue lets us know what the characters feel.

Of course, the story has to take place somewhere. This is the setting and includes the time, even if it’s just approximately in the 1800s or the year 2301, and a location such as the United States or Mars. If its historical fiction books, you can be a bit more broad such as in London or California Territory. This does not need to be a large focus but it needs to be there to help the reader put themselves in the story. If you are not sure as to what continent the characters are on, it may be difficult to relate to what is happening as you are always wondering where in the world they are.

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