DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training For Supervisors

DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training For Supervisors

The first 60-minute of DOT reasonable suspicion training will prepare you to identify alcohol misuse by the drivers. Additional 60-minute training prepares you to identify the use of controlled substances. After undergoing this comprehensive training package, the supervisors become adept in recognizing the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use by the drivers.

What Will You Learn in This Course?

Supervisors trained under this course learn what to do once an employee has been found under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. These tests are mandatory for the employees involved in safety-sensitive functions. A mistake made by them can be injurious or even fatal not only for them but also for other people. If such employees are identified and taken off the job in time, it prevents injuries and accidents at the workplace. This course prepares the supervisors to take right action once any such employee is identified. Timely intervention ensures the safety of employees, customers, visitors, other drivers and pedestrians. It prevents damages to vehicles and properties of other people. Supervisors learn how and when to carry out reasonable suspicion testing. They learn how to do it and what resources and authority they need to perform it.

Topics Covered in This Course

The training covers a wide range of topics. Supervisors are required to make sure the workplace remains drug-ree. They have to develop a keen eye to observe suspicious behavior that indicates use of illicit drugs. They learn to monitor and observe properly without disturbing the workplace. There are signs and symptoms that indicate a person has misused alcohol. The supervisor is trained to identify all such signs. Their job does not end after identifying a suspicious employee. They have to approach the suspect employee and perform certain tests to know if their suspicion is true. They also learn what they cannot or should not do during these tests.

What is Tested?

Drivers are required to undergo such tests as and when required by their employer. The tests must be specific and performed only when a driver shows the behavior, speech, body odor or appearance that indicates use of illegal drugs or alcohol. The drivers have to undergo a controlled substance test if the employer has reasonable suspicion that the suspect has violated the prohibition requirements. These tests can be performed only by a company official or supervisor who is trained in DOT certified suspicion training course.

This training covers physical, speech, behavioral and performance symptoms that indicate probable misuse of alcohol or controlled substances. Supervisors are not required to undergo any recurrent training as long as they can carry out the tests as required. DOT reasonable suspicion training is necessary to prepare the supervisors for such tests. You should always deal with a training company that complies with FMCSA guidelines.

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